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More storage capacity for your Apple mobile device


Apps become more versatile, pictures and videos have higher resolutions. The price for that: More space. Unfortunately though, internal memory expansions are expensive and not everyone can befriend cloud storage.

The solution is ednet Smart Memory (31519). With the use of a MicroSD card you can expand the storage of your iPhone or iPad by adding up to 256 GB. Smart Memory can also be used as a USB memory stick on a PC or Notebook. The Smart Memory app also offers many additional and useful functions (e.g. cloud storage support, media player, text editor, voice recorder, synchronization of contacts, calendars, as well as photos and much more).

This smart all-rounder is the perfect companion, at work or at home.

Convince yourself and take a look at our video:

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Do you only have party inside your head?


No! We have the party on the heads!

ednet’s BeatLight On-ear Headphone provides a clear, powerful sound and comes with a selection of four lighting effects, so it’s sure to turn heads! Choose between disco mode, moodlight mode (two speeds) and one-color mode. The headphone is connected using the audio cable supplied. It also features a rechargeable battery, which powers the LED light show.

Small taste? Check out our product video!



ednet BeatLight On-Ear Headphone, black, Art. No.: 83222

ednet BeatLight On-Ear Headphone, white, Art. No.: 83221


Turn on and BOOM! – Ultra-compact Bluetooth speaker with hands-free module and selfie mode


The BoomPill from ednet is an ultra-compact Bluetooth® speaker with top-quality audio. Its pocket-size format makes it the perfect partner wherever you go.

Enjoy listening to music wirelessly via a Bluetooth® connection to your smartphone or tablet. It is easy to pair via NFC (Near Field Communication), making it possible to connect mobile devices to the speaker. The speaker can also be connected to a PC, notebook, or Mp3/Mp4 player by using an audio cable. One key highlight is the selfie mode: The multi-function button allows you to operate the self-timer for the camera on your smartphone or tablet. Thanks to the integrated microphone, it allows you to comfortably make calls.


ednet BoomPill Bluetooth® Speaker, Art. No.: 33033

Disco in the garden? – And how! Thanks to the Spectro LED Bluetooth® Speaker by ednet

33042_4054007330420_Application2_RGBThis summer we experience a fascinating audiovisual event with the Spectro LED Bluetooth® Speaker by ednet – anywhere and anytime. Your favorite songs will be streamed wirelessly via Bluetooth® from smartphone or tablet. The integrated LEDs offer a lightshow of the way of the beat of the music. You can select one of five preprogrammed light settings and three intensity levels – from club to groove it is all in.

Perfect for outdoor activities

The Spectro is splash proof and equipped with a powerful battery. There is also a 3.5 mm audio jack, which enables you to connect PC, laptop or MP3 player, when not all of your favorite songs fit on your smartphone.

Take a look at our video!

ednet Spectro LED Bluetooth® Speaker, Art. No: 33042

Keep it properly! – With the ednet DVD/CD-Wallet It’s Easier Than Ever Before

v3The ednet DVD/CD Wallet is suitable for a space-saving storage or secure archiving of up to 208 of your favorite DVDs, CDs or Blu-Rays.

ednet DVD/CD-Wallet for 48 DVDs/CDs, black, Art. No. 62016

ednet DVD/CD-Wallet for 208 DVDs/CDs, black, Art. No. 62019


Four Stars for the AMBIENT LED Mood Light with Bluetooth® Speaker by ednet


The blog for technical lifestyle products, TechFire, had given four stars for our Ambient LED Mood Light with Bluetooth® Speaker in its latest test report!

Thanks to the cool AMBIENT LED Mood Light, you have more fun while listing music.

The ednet AMBIENT LED Mood Light with Bluetooth® Speaker creates the perfect ambience everywhere. The energy-efficient LED technology provides simple white light but also rich, vibrant colors in 4 intensity levels. Simply choose the desired mode via touch panel on the bottom. You can stay with one color or even enjoy the automatic color changing mode. For this, the 3W Bluetooth® speaker always ensures the right sound. Just play your favorite music wirelessly from your smartphone, tablet or notebook.

Thanks to the integrated rechargeable battery, you are independent from any AC outlet.

Bluetooth® Speaker and Mood Light – all in one for a perfect party or as a cool gift!

Here you can find the report (German).


ednet AMBIENT LED Mood Light with Bluetooth® Speaker Art. No. 33040

ednet’s Shredder S7CD destroys documents, CDs, DVDs and bank cards


With the ednet Cross-Cut Shredder S7CD, you can easily destroy in a simple way your private documents. With up to 7 sheets at the same time and into 7mm strip size and thanks to the automatic start/stop- function and return, you can destroy faster than ever before. Furthermore, you can also easily destroy your data storage media and bank cards reliable via the additional CD/DVD/credit card slot.

ednet Shredder S7CD, 7-Sheet, CD/DVD/Bank Card, Strip-Cut, Art. No. 91605

Looking for further models? Here you can find your perfect device.

For All Sport Fans – the ednet AURICLE Headphone


Fit in spring – Ideally with our new cool training partner, the ednet AURICLE Headphone.

Powerful bass and crystal clear sound across the entire frequency range, soft ear pads and an adjustable, flexible headband for maximum comfort and secure fit – the ednet AURICLE Headphone is your perfect partner anywhere and anytime.

The Headphones with microphone and hook-switch button are available in the colors green (Grasshoper), pink (Flamingo) and brown (Grizzly Bear).

ednet AURCILE Headphone Grizzly Bear, Art. No. 83135

ednet AURICLE Headphone Grasshoper, Art. No. 83136

ednet AURICLE Headphone Flamingo, Art. No. 83137

Full Power for Smartphone & Co.

aktuelle_Powerbanks_31883A current study of the British marketing agency Tecmark says: 214 times a day, we are using our smartphone – to look at the watch, to call up, to send messages, to read e-mails or to surf – it’s no wonder that our battery gets empty.

A powerful rechargeable Li-Ion battery allows you to use your smartphone, tablet, MP3-player etc. quickly again. The power bank is easy to handle and will be charged via the included USB cable with your PC, notebook or alternatively via a USB socket adapter

What is your favorite?

ednet Power Bank 2200, white, Art. No 31880 / black, Art. No. 31885

ednet Power Bank 4400, white, Art. No. 31881 / black, Art. No. 31886

ednet Power Bank 8000 with wireless charging function and Li-polymer battery, white, Art. No. 31884

ednet Power Bank 10.000, white, Art. No. 31883 / black, Art. No. 31888

Mobile Jump Starter by ednet: The Must-Have for All Motorists


The new ednet Mobile Jump Starter for cars helps batteries to get back on track quickly and simply. The power bank gives vehicles with gasoline engines, 12 V batteries and an engine capacity of up to 3 liters powerful emergency starting assistance.

To this end, the motorist only has to connect it to the appropriate jump cables, attach these to the contacts on the car battery and then switch on the power bank – ready!

The Mobile Jump Starter is even suited to motorcycles, motor scooters and quad bikes.



Furthermore a nice feature: Smart phones and laptops can also be quickly re-charged at any time via the 2 USB ports.

The computer magazine CHIP reported (German).

ednet Mobile Jump Starter for Cars with Power Bank 9000 Art.-No. 31889