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For All Sport Fans – the ednet AURICLE Headphone


Fit in spring – Ideally with our new cool training partner, the ednet AURICLE Headphone.

Powerful bass and crystal clear sound across the entire frequency range, soft ear pads and an adjustable, flexible headband for maximum comfort and secure fit – the ednet AURICLE Headphone is your perfect partner anywhere and anytime.

The Headphones with microphone and hook-switch button are available in the colors green (Grasshoper), pink (Flamingo) and brown (Grizzly Bear).

ednet AURCILE Headphone Grizzly Bear, Art. No. 83135

ednet AURICLE Headphone Grasshoper, Art. No. 83136

ednet AURICLE Headphone Flamingo, Art. No. 83137