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Full Power for Smartphone & Co.

aktuelle_Powerbanks_31883A current study of the British marketing agency Tecmark says: 214 times a day, we are using our smartphone – to look at the watch, to call up, to send messages, to read e-mails or to surf – it’s no wonder that our battery gets empty.

A powerful rechargeable Li-Ion battery allows you to use your smartphone, tablet, MP3-player etc. quickly again. The power bank is easy to handle and will be charged via the included USB cable with your PC, notebook or alternatively via a USB socket adapter

What is your favorite?

ednet Power Bank 2200, white, Art. No 31880 / black, Art. No. 31885

ednet Power Bank 4400, white, Art. No. 31881 / black, Art. No. 31886

ednet Power Bank 8000 with wireless charging function and Li-polymer battery, white, Art. No. 31884

ednet Power Bank 10.000, white, Art. No. 31883 / black, Art. No. 31888