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Sticky Speaker – The New powerful Bluetooth Speaker with Suction Cup from ednet

This Bluetooth speaker is a little and cute sound wonder. The ednet Sticky Speaker is covered with silicone and sticks to almost any surface with the powerful suction cup. Thanks to the built-in microphone, it can also be used as a mobile hands-free system. This gadget from ednet is available immdeiately in black and orange. Ideal as an original gift.  Sticky Speaker -  The new Bluetooth speaker from ednet

This little speaker is really lovely. The speaker can be easily connected via Bluetooth with a Smartphone, Tablet or any other Bluetooth-capable device. The sound produced is convincing and impressive because the Sticky Speaker is only as big as a yo-yo.

Thus this small space-saving loudspeaker sticks to almost every even surface such as glass, plastic, smooth walls, tiles or wood, whether on the bathroom mirror, the refrigerator door or on the window. The Sticky Speaker accompanies its owner everywhere. Its silicone cover protects the device from splashing water and dirt.

The battery life of the device is around six to eight hours. Behind the stable silicone latch on the back of the Sticky Speaker is a micro USB port.  Using this, the loudspeaker can be very easily recharged. The On/Off switch can also be found behind the latch. However, with a standby time of 75 days, it is not necessary to switch the loudspeaker on and off often.

The YouTube User Marc Julien tested the ednet Sticky Speaker! Watch now his review on YouTube:

Magical Sound Induction Speakers Double the Sound of your Smart Phone


In the 80s we carried our tape recorders on our shoulders – today the entire technology fits into our pocket. A smart phone and the MAGIC SOUND – that‘s all you need for music enjoyment on the picnic field, at the pool or on the terrace. The induction speaker really is a wacky gadget. Just start the music playback on the smart phone and place the device on top of the MAGIC SOUND.

Immediately you can clearly hear the music. Play your own charts out on the fields with your friends by alternatively playing the favorite music from the different smart phones. No need for configurations or cable! Thanks to the standby function, the induction speaker turns on automatically and the battery lasts for up to 15 hours of magical music.

ednet Magic Sound 33007 // retail price: 19,99 EUR

Watch the ednet Magic Sound on YouTube

Watch the ednet Magic Sound on YouTube